Secure Patterns

Hamiltonian Gallery 2017

Digital C-print with laser etched Plexiglass

From the Hamiltonian Gallery press release:

In "Secure Patterns" , photographer Kyle Tata continues his experimental use of analog photographic processes in a new body of work that explores the use of abstraction as a practical tool to conceal data. Using patterns derived from security tint envelopes — physical devices used to hide sensitive personal information from the human eye — Tata visually “encrypts” individuals in patterns that are applied to film during the photographic process, thereby masking his subjects while simultaneously producing an image. Tata’s in-process photographic manipulations create images that can be read as both photographic documents of reality, and as hallucinatory abstracted constructions. The "Secure Patterns" series investigates the notion that, within an increasingly immaterial culture, personal information can become as valuable as currency.